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5/7/2011: It looks like Pixetell is closing it’s doors. They were acquired by BrainShark Inc. Hopefully the service will stay the same or get better. We will follow up with another review once the change is completed.

“Visual Messaging”

That is the term Pixetell uses to describe their service. That is a spot on description.

We were looking for a combination of telephone, instant messaging, email, and online web conferencing. Each has it’s own drawbacks, most of them related to scheduling. When we were referred to Pixetell it solved most of our communication problems.

Pixetell is a fantastic visual messaging solution that all businesses should be using. At its base, it allows you to record your computer screen then share the results with one or more people. This may not seem earth shattering as there are many solutions that offer screen recording, but Pixetell has done so for the business user. While recording, you can dictate what the viewer is seeing using a microphone and the mouse to draw focus. In just a few clicks the message is created and uploaded to the Pixetell secure servers and you can share it via email or direct link. Recipients can play your messages when convenient for them.

How it Works

Once you launch Pixetell, it resides on on the upper portion of your screen. You can set it to start Screen Recording, Webcam Recording, or a Voice Card.

Screen Recording

The main benefit of Pixetell is its ability to easily capture activities on your screen, convert it to a video, and allow you to share it with others. See the video below for a demonstration.

*This video was made using Pixetell to record Pixetell!

Click to View A Pixetell Demo

You can also allow people who receive your message to respond within that message resulting in a conversation.

Webcam Recording

This is is a similar feature to the screen recording only you can use your webcam to record yourself during the demo. This allows for even more personalization of your demonstration or explanation.

Voice Card

A Voice Card  is like a digital business card. you can use it as a personal introduction to a video or a conclusion to a video.

Some real-life use cases for Pixetell include:

  • Sales representatives giving product demos.
  • Insurance representatives explaining complex policy verbiage.
  • Engineers communicating with designers.
  • Physicians use it to expedite information transfer improving patient outcomes.
  • … and many more

Pixetell is a great option for communicating with people on their schedule and providing a rich, visual demonstration or explanation. Give it a try and you will see how easy it is.


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  1. Steve
    4 years ago

    Pixetell works very well for quick visual communication. I tried it an I love it. I can send messeges to colleagues and explain, visually, what I mean.


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